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   MAY 2022

Best Feature Film


By Claudia Fischer, Felipe Paz

Best Drama Short

Summer In Tulum - 🇪🇷

by Juma Cairo 


Best Comedy Short

The Zombies - 🇺🇸
by Lian Johnson

Best Animated Short

Benjin The Future - 🇱🇧

by Jorj Abou Mhaya

Best Documentary

Finding a Home - 🇺🇸

by Megan G. Swift

Best Horror Short

Major - 🇪🇸

By Salazar Garcia

Best Crime Short

Uou - 🇨🇳

By Wai Chai

Best Fantasy Short

My Son is Dead - 🇬🇧

By Jason McQueen

Best Thriller Short

Outlander - 🇦🇺

By Russell Hudson

Best Sci-fi Short

GAB - 🇫🇷

By Gazanfer Biricik

Best L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ Short

Ouch - 🇺🇸

By Isis Nick J

Best Micro Short

Glamurous - 🇺🇸

By Joseph Cintra 

Best Experimental Short

Peter - 🇺🇸

by German BBH

Best Western Short

Mordern Country - 🇺🇸

by Martin Vernon

Best Indie Film

The One - 🇹🇭

By Paphangkorn Punchantarak

Best Inspirational Short

Passed Over 🇺🇸

by Aretha Tatum

Best Trailer

The Alliance 2 - The Hunt for Breeze - 🇺🇸

By Robert L Butler Jr (6ᵗʰ time Winner since 2018)

 Best Original Content

The Last Horns of Africa - 🇦🇺By Sean Tinnion

Best Web Series

Forgive me اعذريني - 🇸🇦

By جبريل محمد طرشي

Best Series Pilot

The Odyssey of the AOR - 🇺🇸

By Joshua Burdick

Best Music Video

Grab - 🇺🇸

by Carol Ybrough

Best Commercial / branded  Film

Lucifer 🇺🇸

by Max Walfan

Best Original Content

Song - 🇺🇸

by Shangshi Chen

Best Student Film

Stop The Spread - 🇺🇸

by Max Purdy

Best VR 360 Film

Fly Away - 🇰🇷

by Tyler Clark

Best Drone Video

Boston View - 🇺🇸

by Gregory Marc


Best Director

Paphangkorn Punchantarak

The One - 🇹🇭

Honorable Mention

Best Director

Claudia Fischer, Felipe Paz


Best First Time Director

Megan G. Swift

Finding a Home - 🇺🇸

Best Indie Filmmaker

Samuel Roquette

Broken - 🇺🇸

Best Student Filmmaker

Max Purdy

Stop The Spread - 🇺🇸

Best Actress

Calista Ruiz

The Resurrection🇺🇸

Best Actor

Manoj Balraj

Ruins - 🇺🇸

Best Supporting Actor

Ranjan Misra

Ruins - 🇺🇸

Best Young Actress

Jeylei Hernandez

Strength - 🇺🇸

Best Young Actor

Michael Junior

Monster - 🇺🇸

Best Child Actress

Kelly D James

Monster - 🇺🇸

Best Child Actor

Estovan Reizo Cheah


Best Ensemble Cast

Park So-hyun, Chen Zilin, Qiao Yihe, Chen Ran, Song Yingy, Li Jialiangshu, Lijunxue, Quwenbo, Zhang Kaisen, Huyuhang, Hong Jingjun, Wu Yidi, Baiyu & Wu Minglang

Detective And Heretic 🇰🇷

Best Producer

Rabi Sweidan, Marwan Harb & Jules Kassas


Best Screenplay (produced)

Forgive me اعذريني - 🇸🇦

By رجا غازي العتيبي

Best Original Score

Sean Tinnion

The Last Horns of Africa - 🇦🇺

Best Original Song

Missing Children - 🇺🇸

by Dennis Walter Smith Sr

Best Cinematography

Jeff Su

Patio of Illusion - 🇲🇴

Best Editing

Mengfang Yang

Bucket List - 🇦🇺

Best Sound Design

Ashwin Ramachandran

Ruins - 🇺🇸


Best Screenplay

Gettin' Serious -  🇺🇸

By Bill Morton

"' After another Black man is shot by a White cop, racism raises its ugly head for a Bisexual Black man and his son. "

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