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MARCH 2023

Best Feature Film

Mobile - 🇩🇪

By Marcel Hughes

Best Drama Short

Diligitis - 🇮🇹

by Luca Finato

Best Comedy Short

Fully Connected - 🇺🇸

By Morgan Bittar

Best Animated Short

Island - 🇺🇸

by Josh P. Myers

Best L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ Short

Separate - 🇺🇸

by Kestrin Pantera

Best Documentary

SOS.ciety - 🇷🇺

by Patrick Vileneuve

Best Horror Short

The Door - 🇺🇸

By Danny Coperfield

Best Crime Short

Scream - 🇺🇸

By Wellington Lapurd

Best Fantasy Short

Stronger - 🇺🇸

By Caroline Ozone

Best Thriller Short

Never Enough - 🇺🇸

By Doug Williams

Best Sci-fi Short

Mom - 🇺🇸

By Christina Howard

Best Western Short

Space - 🇪🇸

by Manuel Olaya

Best Micro Short

Sisterly Love - 🇬🇧

By Thea Balich & Tom Knight

Best Experimental Short

Huo Zhe - 🇹🇼

by Kino Lee

Best Indie Short Film

Coronapocalypse - 🇺🇸

By Safir Monroe

Best Inspirational Short

A Farm Called Home 🇺🇸

by Justin Patten & Mykell Barlow

Best Trailer

The Listening - 🇺🇸

by Gary Robinson

Best Web Series

Summer - 🇺🇸

By Oliver Chen

Best Series Pilot

It's Over - 🇲🇾

By Bruno Minari

Best Music Video

The Glory Road - 🇺🇸

Performed By Eytan Ribner

Directed by Kevin Miles

Honorable Mention

Best Music Video

Abduction - 🇨🇾

by Lefteris Savva Eleftheriou

Best Commercial / branded  Film

Move On 🇫🇷

by Peter Monroe

Best Original Content

Sisterly Love - 🇬🇧

By Thea Balich & Tom Knight

Best Student Film

An Hedonia, the Fallen - 🇺🇸

By Lucky Bailey

Best Drone Film

Seas - 🇺🇸

by Gustavo Chan



Best Director

Felipe Vianna

The Heritage - 🇧🇷

Best Director

Lefteris Savva Eleftheriou

Abduction - 🇨🇾

Honorable Mention

Best Director

Luca Finato

Diligitis - 🇮🇹

Best First Time Director

Doug Michel Smith

Gregory's Birthday - 🇺🇸

Best Indie Filmmaker

Kino Lee

Mark Robert Nicacio  🇹🇼

Best Student Filmmaker

Zihan Zhang

The Last Nora - 🇺🇸

Best Actress

Samantha Bailey

The Listening🇺🇸

Best Actor

Jax Malcolm

The Listening - 🇺🇸

Best Supporting Actress

Elena Sahagun

Peace - 🇺🇸

Best Supporting Actor

Armando DuBon Jr.

Peace - 🇺🇸

Best Young Actress

Daelyanna Kelly Benson

Separate - 🇺🇸

Best Young Actor

Markees Christmas

Sins of the Father🇺🇸

Best Child Actress

Ava Staggs

Sisterly Love - 🇬🇧

Best Ensemble Cast

Mike Keller, Ed Setrakian, Ivy Omere & Joan Porter

A New York Story - 🇺🇸

Best Producer

Lucky Bailey, Ken Gora, George Dawe, Mark Rogow, Lorelei McKelvey & Gary Schmad

An Hedonia, the Fallen🇺🇸

Best Screenplay (produced)

Separate - 🇺🇸

By Cool Benson & Rhyan Schwartz

Best Original Score

Alex Marshall

Reveal - 🇺🇸

Best Cinematography

Mark Waring

Sisterly Love🇬🇧

Best Editing

Oliver Li

The Last Nora - 🇺🇸

Best Sound Design

Mengchen Sun

The Last Nora - 🇺🇸

Best Original Song

Unseen - 🇫🇷

by Naïma Pöhler

Best Visual Effects

The Glory Road - 🇺🇸

Directed by Kevin Miles

Best Screenplay

Monster - 🇺🇸

By Luca MArtin Jr.

"'In a world where the lines between reality and imagination blur, "Monster" takes us on an exhilarating journey into a realm inhabited by extraordinary creatures. When a curious and imaginative young artist named Mia discovers an ancient book hidden in her grandmother's attic, she unwittingly unleashes a portal to a fantastical dimension brimming with monsters of every kind."

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