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MARCH 2022

Best Feature Film

The Road Less Cycled - 🇿🇦

By Nathan Rice

Best Drama Short

Cinnamon - 🇺🇸

by Doug Jordan

Best Comedy Short

Fully Connected - 🇺🇸

By Morgan Bittar

Best Animated Short

Island - 🇺🇸

by Josh P. Myers

Best Documentary

The Legacy of the Braceros -


by Arden Pala

Best Horror Short

The Tell-Tale Heart - 🇺🇸

By William Gosht

Best Crime Short

Scream - 🇺🇸

By Wellington Lapurd

Best Fantasy Short

SKAT - 🇺🇸

By Michael Boston

Best Thriller Short

Misinterpretation - 🇺🇸

By Virgil Safranek

Best Sci-fi Short

A.I. - 🇺🇸

By Yifan Du

Best Western Short

Olive - 🇪🇸

by Jessica Sanuc

Best L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ Short

Situation$hips - 🇺🇸

by Corey Knott

Best Micro Short

The Absence of You - 🇺🇸

By Gary O. Bennet

Best Experimental Short

Pulses Of The Pavements - 🇺🇸

by Varoujan Froundjian

Best Indie Short Film

Realist - 🇺🇸

By Ulisses Campos

Best Inspirational Short

Houminvi - 🇧🇯

by Giovannia Atodjinou-Zinsou & Darline Gilles

Best Trailer

The Road Less Cycled - 🇿🇦

By Nathan Rice

Honorable Mention

Best Trailer

Victoria’s Secret - 🇺🇸

by Charles Andrews & Ryan Marsh

Best Web Series

Entangled - 🇺🇸

By Corey Knott

Best Series Pilot

Under the Influence - 🇬🇧

By Lucy Reevely

Best Music Video

Correspondence - 🇮🇹

Performed by The Oracle

Directed by Valerio Lucantoni

Best Commercial / branded  Film

Do Not Flip 🇩🇪

by Tim Moldenhauer

Best Original Content

Chocolate 🇺🇸

by Sunny Spect

Best Student Short Film

Happy Loaf - 🇺🇸

by Erik J. S. DeFries

Best Student Feature Film

Strawberry - 🇺🇸

By Mark Regis

Best Drone Film

One Place - 🇭🇰

by Yang Shain


Best Director

Corey Knott

Situation$hips - 🇺🇸

Best First Time Director

Nathan Rice

The Road Less Cycled - 🇿🇦

Best Indie Filmmaker

Kino Lee

Huo Zhe 🇹🇼

Best Student Filmmaker

Virgil Safranek

Misinterpretation - 🇺🇸

Best Actress

Shannan Leigh Yancsurak

SKAT - 🇺🇸

Honorable Mention

Best Actress

Justice Lee

Rescue - 🇺🇸

Best Actor

Michael Boston

SKAT - 🇺🇸

Honorable Mention

Best Actor

Michael Ochotorena


Best Supporting Actress

Phumzile Putting

The Road Less Cycled - 🇿🇦

Best Supporting Actor

Mduduzi Nombela

The Road Less Cycled - 🇿🇦

Best Ensemble Cast

Mike Keller, Ed Setrakian, Ivy Omere & Joan Porter

Sometimes - 🇺🇸

Best Producer

Bhekizizwe Peterson & Ramadan Suleman

The Road Less Cycled - 🇿🇦

Best Screenplay (produced)

Your Thoughts - 🇺🇸

By Michel Williams

Best Original Score

Alex Marshall

Reveal - 🇺🇸

Best Cinematography

Bradley McGee

The Road Less Cycled - 🇿🇦

Best Editing

Edgar Sibaya

The Road Less Cycled - 🇿🇦

Best Sound Design

SFX Consulting CC

The Road Less Cycled - 🇿🇦

Best Original Song

Unseen - 🇫🇷

by Naïma Pöhler

*Best Visual Effects

Happy Loaf - 🇺🇸

by Erik J. S. DeFries

Best Make Up & Hair

Karah Banegas, Oakley West & Aryanna Martin

Peace - 🇺🇸


Best Screenplay

Bad Love Tigers - 🇺🇸

By Kevin L. Schewe

"'It is New Year’s Eve, 1974, in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and the fun-loving and adventurous teens of the Bad Love Gang are ambushed by a Russian KGB agent. This propels them to use the White Hole Project Time Machine to time travel back to World War II. The gang meets with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who guides them on their mission to protect a mysterious alien spaceship and America’s top-secret Area 51.
On their perilous mission, the gang must deal with Russian, Chinese, and Indian espionage forces who stand in their path. Along the way, the gang encounters danger, intrigue, betrayal, and a little romance. Ultimately, the intrepid Bad Love Gang triumphs over their adversaries to protect the alien spaceship and maintain the security of Area 51. It's Stand by Me Meets Raiders of the Lost Ark."

Honorable Mention

Best Screenplay

Monstra - 🇦🇺

By Samantha Garcia & Allison Garcia

"'After discovering his wife’s infidelity, a broken-hearted father travels with his son to Arcata to stay at an family property to clear his mind, but when his son vanishes without a trace, dark family secrets are exposed, and the desperate father must fight evil entities before losing his son forever."

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