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JUNE 2023

Best Feature Film

The Road To Nowhere - 🇹🇷

By Mehmet Tanrisever

Best Drama Short

Suflair - 🇺🇸
by Andrea Ortega

Best Comedy Short

Love is Gone - 🇺🇸
by Thor Medina

Best Animated Short

Splash 🇺🇸

by Courtney Chaves

Best Documentary

Clown Now Cry Later: A Foos Gone Wild - 🇺🇸

by Estevan Oriol

Best Horror Short

The Difference - 🇨🇦

By YuBin Zheng

Best Crime Short

Red & Green - 🇺🇸

By Wallace N. Sobhur

Best Fantasy Short

One - 🇺🇸

By Jonathan Margarite

Best Thriller Short

Automate - 🇺🇸

By Diego Zamalloa

Best Sci-fi Short

Time-Busters - 🇺🇸

By Morris Jackson

Best L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ Short

Winston - 🇺🇸

By Maya Rose Napoli-Grover

Best Micro Short

Bali Frodo - 🇷🇺

By Felix Benjamin Schaefer

Best Experimental Short

L.A. Molly Gray - 🇺🇸

by Mark Wagner

Best Indie Short Film

Ruins - 🇵🇪

by Diana Cordova

Best Inspirational Short

The House I Live In 🇺🇸

by Gary Rollinson

Best Trailer

The Road To Nowhere - 🇹🇷

By Mehmet Tanrisever

Best Web Series

Mother - 🇺🇸

By George Benjamin M. S.

Best Series Pilot

Uber - 🇺🇸

By Marina Spinelli

Best Music Video

To all the Gabbys in the World - 🇺🇸

Performed by Darla Z

Directed by Rick Walker

Best Commercial /

branded  Film

Life Savers - 🇵🇱

By Lukasz Wdowicz

Best Original Content

Automate - 🇺🇸

By Diego Zamalloa

Best Student Film

The Counseling - 🇺🇸

by Yingna Wu

Best VR 360 Film

All In Once - 🇺🇸

by Steven Carie Morshie

Best Drone Film

Farm - 🇺🇸

by Oliver Hunshein

Special 3 Times Winner

Best Director

Mehmet Tanrisever

The Road To Nowhere - 🇹🇷


Best First Time Director

Diego Zamalloa


Honorable Mention

Best First Time Director

Lukasz Wdowicz

Life Savers - 🇵🇱

Best Indie Filmmaker

Gary Rollinson

The House I Live In - 🇺🇸

Best Student Filmmaker

Yingna Wu

The Counseling - 🇺🇸

Best Actress

Precious Sipin

Expectations - 🇺🇸

Best Actor

Kristos Andrews

Breakout - 🇺🇸

Best Supporting Actress

Sharon Gardner


Best Supporting Actor

Whisper Washington

York at Night - 🇺🇸

Best Screenplay (produced)

Good - 🇺🇸

By Bonnie Rodini

Best Original Score

To all the Gabbys in the World

Mazava - 🇮🇹

Best Original Song

To all the Gabbys in the World

Performed by Darla Z

Directed by Rick Walker - 🇮🇹

Best Cinematography

Amelia Henning

Good Life - 🇿🇦

Best Editing

Mieke Vlamming

Good Life - 🇿🇦

Best Make Up

Douglas Wayman 

Pangea - 🇺🇸


Best Screenplay

The Pickleball Killer - 🇺🇸

By Jim Carroll

"' Brigg, an aging pickleball sensation, with supernatural speed, and dark mysterious origin, becomes the target of the Cartel after he inadvertently rescues a young trafficked girl from their clutches. In an attempt to give Amy a better life, he becomes her father figure and she his daughter. The two develop a touching relationship that turns dangerous when they rescue her sister and other enslaved girls. The cops are closing in, but the cartel beats them and reclaims the girls. Brigg must use his special abilities and all his resources in a suicidal mission to free the girls. "

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 3.43.58 AM.png
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