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Best Feature Film

Rescue - 🇺🇸
by Jason Lohman

Honorable Mention

Best Feature

Love & Brotherhood - 🇺🇸
by Jason Horn​​

Best Drama Short

Break Up - 🇺🇸
by Mary MC Lauren


Best Comedy Short

After - 🇺🇸
by Maria Cabau​

Best Thriller

Mega - 🇺🇸
by Justin McCain

Best Horror Short

Help Sweet Old Granny - 🇺🇸
by Kevin Oko

Best Documentary

ICON - Memoirs of a Master Craftsman - 🇮🇳

by Kala Shreen

Honorable Mention

Best Documentary

Destroying the Myth - 🇺🇸

by Serene Haaris-Khaalid

Best Animated Short

App Rap - 🇺🇸

by Dominique Gélin & Elise Roedenbeck Valderrama

Best L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ Short

The Coronation - 🇺🇸

by Emily Penick

Best Crime Short

Dead Right There - 🇺🇸

by Steven J Sabell

Best Experimental Short

No More - 🇧🇷

by Fabricio Estevam Mira

Best Inspirational Short

Mahala - 🇮🇳

by Heruji Sih

Best Web Series

Love Me - 🇮🇹

By Andrea Martinucci​

Best Series Pilot

Lucky travel - 🇺🇸

By Riley Wood


Best Music Video

Big Name - 🇺🇸

by Seth Cohen

Best Micro Short Film

Master People - 🇺🇸

by Gabriel Garcia

Best Commercial / branded  Film

CDPH Holiday Vaccine Awareness Stories - 🇺🇸

by Lalo Alcaraz​

Best Indie Film

Friends - 🇵🇹

by Luis Lobato Macedo

Best Original Content

Define Love - 🇺🇸

by Francis Owusu

Best Student Film

The Red Phone - 🇺🇸

by Elijah Roberts

Best 360/VR Film

Dying Wise According to Rena - 🇮🇱

by Yonatan Manevich​

Best Drone Film

Nevada - 🇺🇸

by Lucas Marc

Best Director

Valerio Zanoli

Not To Forget - 🇺🇸


Best First Time Director

Emily Penick

The Coronation - 🇺🇸

Honorable Mention

Best First Time Director

Jason Lohman

Rescue - 🇺🇸by

Best Young Filmmaker

Tatiana Shanks 

Far Away Places - 🇵🇫

Best Student Filmmaker

Elijah Roberts  

The Red Phone - 🇺🇸

Best Actress

 Marly Centurion 

Never Felt - 🇺🇸

Best Actor

Fabricio Estevam Mira

No More - 🇧🇷

Honorable Mention

Best Actor

Josephus Sanders III

Friends - 🇺🇸

Best Supporting Actor

Michael Hamilton Jr.

After - 🇺🇸

Best Supporting Actress

Nadirah Shakir

Space Navy - 🇺🇸

Best Young Actress

Alexa Lohman

Rescue - 🇺🇸

Best Ensemble Cast

Jason Horn, Cortney Ketchum, Nate Jackson, Ebonique Woods, Tony Jones, Conrad Hilton, Cipriano Pinkney, Kali Scott, Charlene Woodard, Winner Watts,  & Marcus Hamm

Love & Brotherhood - 🇺🇸​

Best Trailer

The Coronation - 🇺🇸

Emily Penick

Best Cinematography

Anastasiia Kulikalova

The Coronation - 🇺🇸


Honorable Mention

Best Cinematography

Elijah Roberts  

The Red Phone - 🇺🇸

Best Visual effects

Sergio Mishchenko

Spare One  -  🇺🇸

Best Original Song

App Rap - 🇺🇸

by Dominique Gélin & Elise Roedenbeck Valderrama

Best Original Score

Meredith Butterworth

The Coronation - 🇺🇸

Honorable Mention

Best Original Score

Bojangles A New Musical - 🇺🇸

By James Edward Carter

Performed by Ray & Dakota

Best Editing

Diego Gonzalez

The Red Phone - 🇺🇸

Honorable Mention

Best Editing

Jacob Midkiff

The Coronation - 🇺🇸

Best Screenplay (produced)

Emily Penick & Kelsey Burns

The Coronation - 🇺🇸​

Best Producer

Jason Lohman, Kimberly Lohman & Alexa Lohman

Rescue - 🇺🇸​


Best Feature Film Screenplay

Aliens -  🇺🇸

By Marc Zanetti​

"'On the lush alien world of Pandora live the Na'vi, beings who appear primitive but are highly evolved. Because the planet's environment is poisonous, human/Na'vi hybrids, must link to human minds to allow for free movement on Earth. a paralyzed former Marine, becomes mobile again through one such Avatar and falls in love with a Na'vi woman. As a bond with her grows, he is drawn into a battle for the survival of her world.."

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